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Teeth Whitening in St Joseph, MO.

Who doesn’t want a smile that puts people at ease? You know that kind of smile, the one that makes careers or makes others sigh with content. Smiling is a significant social cue that we give to others to let them know how we feel. Smiles are used to putting other people at ease and make them feel relaxed. It’s of particular importance in service industry roles or when working with external clients. For this reason, many people may feel invested in getting their teeth whitened.


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There are two types of teeth staining that are part of a discolored tooth. These are referred to as extrinsic stains and intrinsic stains. The first is a discoloration that happens on the outer layer of teeth and comes from a variety of sources. The discoloration often forms over a long period when exposed to culprits such as tobacco products, coffee, tea, wine, sodas, and intensely pigmented vegetables and fruits. Essentially, anything you would hate to have spilled on a lovely crisp tablecloth or a nice linen shirt. The same reasons that these are hard to remove from textiles are what make it hard to get out of teeth with simple brushing. The next form of discoloration is intrinsic staining. These come from problems that are occurring deeper in the tooth and underneath the enamel. These might arise from tooth decay, infections, or excessive use of fluoride, among other reasons. Typically, products that are over the counter for whitening will not be able to address these discoloration issues.

The good news is that professional teeth whitening in your dentist’s office targets both of these. Working with a dentist to address specific issues with discoloration is a considerable benefit. A consultation with a dentist can help monitor and understand which kind of staining you have, and how to best approach the path to a healthy white smile. Over the counter, whitening products also offer a standardized treatment, and may not be suitable for everyone’s needs. Having a professional to adjust a whitening procedure is with its advantages. They may be able to target specific teeth or do one arch at a time. The dentist can provide flexibility to the patients not found elsewhere.

Teeth whitening doesn’t always have to be in the office either. It’s possible to take advantage of at-home kits with the professional touch of a dental office. Bratton Dental Co. provides both custom whitening trays and the traditional chairside (in-office) whitening. With custom whitening trays, whitening can happen over a designated time from the comfort of your own home. A model of your teeth is made from impressions to ensure a proper fit. The trays will hold the product that whitens teeth, and allow the product to be applied with the best coverage for use.

Consider consulting with Bratton Dental Co. about what options are best for you to get the whitest smile possible.

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