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Technology is rapidly evolving to meet the demands of our fast-paced environment, and dental work has by no means been left behind. Offices around the globe are now offering same-day dental crowns that provide a quick turn around time to getting a crown fitting. Traditionally, crowns needed several visits, several weeks, and the need to make impressions on teeth to get the job done. With a new technology called CEREC, crowns are now easily obtainable utilizing scanning technology, and you can skip the temporary crowns.


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Does sizing down from multiple appointments over a series of weeks to get fitted for a crown sound good to you? For many Americans, it does, as single appointments now offer the chance to provide crowns on demand. The procedure to use this technology is also highly precise and generates excellent fittings.


Using an intraoral camera, which is about the size of a toothbrush, the dentist will make a scan of your teeth. This computer-supported scan of your mouth will provide the imaging needed to measure the fit of the new same-day crown. Once the scan is made, your dentist can provide any adjustments or changes as required. This might include the measurements are sent to a milling machine which will begin to create the replica of the designed crown.


What is useful about this technology is the precision and quick turn around time. Crowns don’t last forever and eventually need a replacement, regardless of their use as a same-day crown or a traditional one. But traditional measures to create crowns can take weeks. There are multiple steps to fit a new crown, which includes getting an impression, get it molded, and eventually fit on. With same-day crowns, the turn around time to complete a smile can be done in a day.


As with any situation, please note that there are some considerations and limitations with same-day crowns. For starters, CEREC uses ceramic properties to produce the crowns. These are less durable than other materials like metal or porcelain. Additionally, not all crowns may be a good fit for this if the scanning equipment is unable to get a completely accurate scan. Scans are often unable to be completed when there are cracks in a tooth that go below the gumline in particular. Because the material is not as durable, it is also more subject to wear and tear. Same-day crowns have a big convenience factor, but the trade-off is that they may need to be replaced more often. For any patient, it’s worth speaking with Bratton Dental Co. to ensure that the appropriate outcomes are discussed to make a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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