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Periodontics is the field that deals with teeth which are subject to issues of inflammation and disease of the gums. This is a specialty available for dentists, and work with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontitis. While we often think of dentists as those who deal with teeth as their focus. Periodontists focus on the gums and the bone structure that supports teeth, a lot of the underlying issues that are not always visible. They treat these issues with both non-surgical and surgical treatments. They combat gum disease, problems with gum tissue, or providing regenerative procedures. 


Periodontics & Dental Implants

Because of the nature of implants, periodontics are associated with these procedures. While an implant is meant to restore the nature of a tooth and provide a solid foundation for it, it is not just a tooth that is being replaced. Implants deal with the gum and bone tissue involved with the surgical titanium based post. The implant is often a result of a tooth that is lost or needs to be replaced, and as such requires some inner workings of bone in the jaw line. 

Dental implants may also need to be addressed for maintenance and repair, which periodontics also tend to. In cases where  peri-implantitis (inflammatory bone loss around dental implants) occurs, treatment options need to be discussed and configured to make the best plan for the patient. 

Periodontal Gum Treatment

Issues with the gums and how teeth are fitting together when biting is also a concern for periodontics. They will be involved with examining gum lines to assess for any recessions. There is also a need to check if teeth are loose, and if so what is the underlying cause? When gums are healthy they exhibit a pale pink color that is firm to the touch. 

The gum also attach themselves to teeth snugly, and are in close contact against the outer edges of the tooth. When faced with periodontitis, gums can look swollen, various shades of red or purple, and feel tender when touched. They may also bleed easily or cause pain while chewing.

For various reasons, periodontists may need to be able to assess the amount of space between teeth and gums. These are called periodontal pockets and are used as a measure for how healthy gums are. Like most dental practices, periodontists also utilize x-rays to look at the bones below the gum line to assess and address any medical issues.

Recognizing the needs for a periodontics is great to have on your side is helpful when it’s already embedded in your regular dental office. Bratton Dental Co. helps patients out by having these services available to patients. 

Best Dentist For Periodontics in St, Joseph

At Bratton Dental Co. our St. Joseph Periodontist focus is to restore patient’s gum health so they may enjoy their optimal oral health. Our highly trained and compassionate staff has years of experience using periodontal microsurgery.

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