Invisalign Orthodontics

Invisalign Orthodontics in St. Joseph, MO

As Invisalign grows in popularity, there are more people interested in taking a step towards trying this method. The cost is a major investment, and patients should be well informed about the process and price tag before committing. Invisalign was designed to be a sensible, and less invasive solution towards straighter, healthier teeth. Invisalign is a solution for fixing problems such as teeth overlap, over/under/cross bites, gap teeth, or crooked teeth. It can also help even out pressure applied by jawlines.


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Transparent covers called Invisalign trays are made for your mouth and your mouth alone. After a 3-D scan of your mouth, the trays are constructed out of transparent plastic. Potentially patients may get tooth colored attachments to help secure the clear trays during an Invisalign treatment. These go a long way in helping shift and place your teeth without wires. Both the trays and the attachments are designed to be minimally recognized. Between the invisible tray and the composite attachments, many find it hard to visually see the Invisalign treatment at play.

No need to skip the good parts of life and give up  any hard, sticky, or messy foods. Invisalign treatments are about committing to more cleaning of teeth while in use, but often gives in exchange the freedom to eat any foods. Unlike braces, there is no special diet to keep popcorn kernels from getting between wires on braces. 

Invisalign also doesn’t require the same kind of emergency care that wire braces may need. As trays in the use of Invisalign get damaged, there are always backups that can be created quickly, and you will often have several trays on hand at a time as teeth shift. So as patients reorder replacements, there is no need for emergency visits in a panic.

Invisalign isn’t just about having a proper smile at the end of the day. While a confident smile and feeling good about your appearance is worth achieving, Invisalign will also be adjusting teeth so that they are straighter and spaced evenly. This can have a ripple effect on health since straightened, uniform teeth are easier to floss and brush. Easier maintenance can lead to healthier gums, improved hygiene. Forming a perfect bite can also reduce the amount of wear and tear on teeth and jaws. In effect, patients may see less incidences of tooth chipping, and the ever-looming cavity threat. Poor teeth can hurt people down the road and impact quality of life. Keep your body happy by improving and elongating the quality of your teeth.

Coco Chanel used to recommend that before walking out the door, you should always take off one accessory. But one that no one should ever do without is their smile. If you’ve ever been self-conscious about your teeth, or shying away from photos then it may be worth  investing in a beautiful pair of chompers. Yes, we’ve outlined the health benefits but you can reap the cosmetic ones as well!

But don’t take our word for it. Try scheduling an appointment to talk with our care provider who can give you the medical expertise you’ve been looking for.

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