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No Charge  Invisalign® consult with the Doctor. Bratton Dental Co. is excited to help patients on their journey towards straighter, healthier teeth. The consultation will include a set of photos to see where your teeth stand. This will allow our team to assess the location of your teeth, if they are rotated, and identifying problem areas. What will the Invisalign® be able to fix? What are the issues that a patient does want to be addressed, or not? Some patients come with questions about overcrowding, irregular bites, as well as gaps. Photos will be taken externally with the simple act of smiling, and other pictures need a special camera inserted inside your mouth.


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After this point, the dentist and patients can talk about covering expectations, initial thoughts, and any questions that you, the patient, have about the treatment. This is the best opportunity to talk about the specific areas you’d like to have treated. These consultations are a safe space to explore a potential option for treatment and have no expectations attached. Dentists have tons of experience and a trained eye, and they will likely have recommendations you may not have foreseen or considered that will keep your teeth healthy. The consultation is always two-way communication.


Invisalign® is a trusted and safe way to provide patients with healthier and straighter teeth. The company responsible for Invisalign treatment, Align Technology, has been pioneering and improving efforts since 1997. In that time, Invisalign has been able to take on a ton of different problems and has helped treat over 5 million patients.


Invisalign® is also a trusted route for obtaining corrections because of the easy they provide over braces. With braces, often, there are a lot of food restrictions that come with their installment. The wires, brackets, and position in the mouth make it difficult to enjoy items such as popcorn, gum, candies, or anything sticky. A significant benefit to Invisalign is the fact that the trays manufactured for patients are removable. During meal times, the trays are removed, and any meal can be enjoyed.


While there are other options on the market to straighten teeth, they don’t offer the same level of comprehensive care that Invisalign® has provided. If you’ve done some research, other options may appear more user-friendly or cheaper alternatives such as Candid. Be aware that making your own impressions of teeth at home and without the input of a dentist beforehand may lead to less accurate impressions. It’s worth visiting with a professional who is using Invisalign® for a more comprehensive, and therefore more successful applications of clear tray technology.

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