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Every modern advancement in medicine needs time to see the full impact on our health. As dentists and health practitioners evolve their practices, it’s essential also to recognize the long term effects that some treatments have had on patients. Dentists have begun opting out of fillings that provide mercury, or working with patients to heal and target cavities that have a chance at refilling themselves naturally. Out practice at Hatcher Group Dental takes this holistic approach in attempts to let the body heal naturally before pulling out the stops. We also work with patients to provide treatment that is meant to be good for the whole body and not just the present problem or disease at hand.


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Our dental office is often aware of the shared space and precautions that are needed within a medical setting. Like any medical office, hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities for the staff. It’s essential to keep our workspace clean not just for aesthetic reasons, but because it also ensures the safety of patients and workers. Our dental equipment is all high-quality instruments, and we take care of what we purchase. Under our use, these instruments go under a lot of scrutinies for cleaning and storing. Tools of the dental trade see a lot of action over a lot of mouths, and we ensure that everything is sanitized and safe to use from patient to patient. Instruments are cleaned, steamed for sterilization, dried correctly, and then packages to ensure sterilization before the next use. There is a lot of work that goes behind every dental appointment, and while you may be in the chair for a minimal amount of time, our staff works constantly to rotate and clean our instruments and office around the clock.

One subject that is getting a lot of questions these days is the use of fluoride. While flouride treatments are great for teeth and their care, some patients have begun to question the effects of fluoride on their own health. Bratton Dental Co. takes these concerns seriously and would like to ensure patients that fluoride treatments at the office will never be a mandatory part of a patient’s experience. Treatment options without the use of fluoride can be worked out, as there are plenty of alternative options for maintaining teeth. Fluoride as a treatment option is a widely contested subject in the realm of both public health and among dentists. But first and foremost, as dentists, we must treat and care for our patient’s health and wellbeing first. That includes not only the treatment but attitudes and beliefs about it.

Just remember that the best way to care for teeth is to ensure there is frequent cleaning to guard against plaque and tartar buildup. Our average American citizen is eating more pounds of sugar in a year than would have been feasible over 200 years ago. Sugar was once an exotic staple consumed in small quantities by few people. Now it is a widely used staple found in just about every food on our shelves from tomato sauce to sausages. For these reasons, it’s more important to have proper dental hygiene habits at home.

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